A tribute to a neat Lady

Most of you don’t know Sheila Pollack, but she was a big booster of our beautiful lakes. For over forty years Sheila and her family enjoyed Lake Shafer and, most recently, Lake Freeman. I was lucky enough to be invited down one weekend in 1987 and my Monticello adventure began. Over the years I’d see Sheila at parties and social events and we always talked about Monticello and the Lakes.

Sheila passed recently, a big loss for all of us. I was thinking about a way to honor her and reached out to Mitch Billue , Superintendent of Monticello Parks and Rec. Well, I am excited to say a Tulip Poplar tree is going to be planted and dedicated to Sheila. But not just at any place, Mitch has offered it to be the tree of honor gracing the newly renovated municipal boat ramp adjacent to Dodge Camp. So if you ever launch there, give a nod to the mighty tree and think of the special person who loved our Lakes so much. 

The incredible Sheila Pollack

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Lake Freeman just got more tropical and a lot more fun!

Laila and Pam are hoping you'll stop by and see them

The Summer Dock recently opened in the cabana of the White Oaks RV park.

It’s a breathe of fresh air for the Lake. Pam Wentworth, Laila Syed and Lee Stahl owners of the Dock in Delphi are bringing the fun. “It’s just the start, we have big plans, but the initial response has been awesome.” said Pam. It’s something fresh and different, a real ‘Island’ Tiki bar complete with bright colors and fun drinks. There was live music the day I was there and it was a perfect complement to the vibe. It’s a start, a good start and if we all support it, The Summer Dock will be a favorite destination on Lake Freeman for a long time.
Currently it is open Friday through Sunday. The drinks are reasonable, the food is good and the team is developing it further. Boats are welcome, but at this point you need to moor out side the swim line and wade in. It’s kind of fun… at least when the water is warm!

Follow them on Facebook at “The Summer Dock at White Oaks”


Some Great shots of the new Summer Dock on Lake Freeman

A Couple of Whoppers on Lake Freeman

Lake Freeman angler, Brian Thomas, landed a big boy on July 2nd. A twenty-four pound Flathead off his dock. Pictured with him is the newest resident of the Lake, seven day old Van Busch. It’s ok to go swimming now Van, the monster is out of the Lake!

Now that's a big fish and a little boy!

Monticello, Indiana Conservation Officers: Promoting Safety and Compliance.

Meet our Conservation Officers: Promoting Safety and Compliance.

Most boaters on Lake Freeman and Lake Shafer know the familiar white center console boat with the green stripe as “The Authorities”. That is true, but the Conservation Officers are out on the Lakes and surrounding waterways to ensure our safety. How many of us have had a Jet Ski jump the wake ten feet behind our boat? It’s dangerous and illegal.

I had the opportunity to speak with a couple officers on the lake recently. They shed light on the responsibilities they have. Officers Ryan McCauley and Matt Tholan patrol the Lakes ensuring fishermen have their licenses, boaters have their registrations and are operating their vessels in a safe manner.

Officer McCauley stated, “We patrol the lakes to promote boating safety and prevent accidents from happening. Every year there are multiple drowning’s due to people boating unsafely. Our primary objective, at the end of each shift, is to ensure everyone one gets home safely.”

If by chance you’re ever in an accident or scary boating situation, you’ll be glad to see them coming to your rescue. On the other hand, if you’ve had too much to drink, hand the keys over to a sober driver. Remember, they have full jurisdiction and are expected to enforce the law. You don’t want to ruin a fun day with a BUI.

If you see Officers McCauley and Tholan on the water give them a wave.

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