Indiana Beach is closing to save Apex Parks Group.

Indiana Beach
Waving Goodbye to 94 Years of Memories

Indiana Beach is closing to save the hide of Apex Parks Group. As an organization, they they seem to be in deep financial straits. Greg Norman, Senior Vice President of Operations for Apex confirmed saying the move is due to financial reasons. They are closing other amusement parks as well. The hope is to keep the remaining amusement properties in their portfolio operational. According to Norman, Apex tried to find a buyer, but couldn’t. He also said Apex couldn’t afford the capital improvements needed. The plan is to pillage The Beach, sell or move the rides.

All of this is surprising considering the strength of the economy and consumer confidence. Fact is, Indiana Beach was profitable, if only marginally. But, you can’t run any business enterprise from the other side of the country with a formulaic strategy and poor management. The advertising was weak and there was no vision, which is so important to an entertainment venture with a storied history.

Apex is going to ravage The Beach like vultures on a carcass and scrape out any valuable assets. They have no emotional connection to this area. They have no feeling of responsibility to the business owners who rely on The Beach for income. It’s a business decision to them.

It’s a shame White County, Monticello and the entire area doesn’t have a shot at keeping it. Louisville retained Kentucky Kingdom after a court battle during a Six Flags bankruptcy. The City of Monticello should look at legal options before letting Apex take one bolt.

Just to shed a little light on how important tourism is to the area, each year over $77 million dollars is pumped into our economy from visitors. It’s not all from Indiana Beach, but the Park has been an important economic driver. Maybe this event can galvanize the entire Twin Lakes area to recognize the need for a focused and funded tourism effort for the region.


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A Nostalgic Video From Indiana Beach

Indiana Beach at Shafer lake 1962
A nice look back at Indiana Beach

Saw this on You Tube and thought I’d share. It certainly is Bittersweet.

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