Boating In January? Come on.

Now that’s a treat. A 50 degree, sunny day in early January. Let’s go boating! Lake Freeman was buzzing with activity. Fishermen were out. Folks were working on their docks and, of course, friends were sharing laughs. Flash forward one week later… blizzard. So much fun. Mother Nature sure is a jokester. Hunker down and dream of warm sunny days that lie ahead.

See you in the spring.

Winter Boat Cruise Lake Freeman
Good friends enjoying a bonus boating day
Blizzard Lake Freeman
One Week later

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A Touching Video "A Good Run"

Here is an incredibly touching show that recaps one mans memories and gets to the heart of the special experience that is boating. We’ve all had many of these moments on Lake Freeman. It was produced and posted courtesy of Discover Boating. Enjoy!

What is your favorite Lake Freeman activity?

Going for a boat ride
Hitting the Sandbar
Water sports
Having a bonfire with friends
Sitting on the dock and watching boats
Lake Freeman Facts

Sea Level Elevation: 610'