Two guys with big ambitions.

Nick Chris
Chris Peters, Madam Carroll and Nick Blum, Oakdale Bar & Grill

Meet the new owners of the Madam Carroll and The Oakdale Bar and Grill, Nick Blum and Chris Peters. Together with their partners, Nicole Brown and Chis Lehe respectively, they plan to reinvigorate the long standing Lake Freeman brands. Both have big plans. Look for new offerings, improved services and a heck of a lot more fun. By land or by sea, let’s support them enthusiastically. I’ll post events and schedules throughout the summer.

It is such a gift to all of us that our lake is so vibrant and economically healthy. Congratulations to the teams at Madam Carroll and The Oakdale!

Oakdale Logo
The Oakdale Bar & Grill has a new image and plenty of great ideas
Madam Carroll
The Madam Carroll enjoys new energy with a lot of changes on the way.

Welcome to Lake Freeman Life. We’re here to be the go to, informative resource for the people who live and play around one of Indiana’s most beautiful lakes. Lake Freeman is located in Monticello, Indiana and is a unique treasure. Formed by the construction of the Oakdale Dam in 1925 it is ten miles long and enjoys fifty miles of shoreline. Boaters, fishermen, families and visitors have countless opportunities to enjoy the water and beauty. At Lake Freeman Life, we want to offer fresh and relevant information. Share with your family and friends. Bookmark it for yourself. Come back often.Talk to us! We want to keep you informed with stories, news, photos, contests and conversation. We hope you find useful.

People like boat rides and fishing

In our recent survey, over 200 people responded to what they really enjoy on Lake Freeman. Overwhelmingly it is boat rides followed by fishing. The surprising thing to us was how low sitting around a bon fire was. But hey, we get it, there are so many beautiful homes to look at. Fishing was second and that’s no surprise. The stocking program has proven to be a success. Crappies, Silvers, Walleye are all being pulled out big and healthy. There is another survey currently on our home page, please offer your opinion.

What is your favorite Lake Freeman summer beverage?

Poll Results

What is your favorite Lake Freeman summer beverage?

  • Ice Tea ( 14.29%)

  • Beer ( 38.1%)

  • Wine ( 14.29%)

  • Soda ( 0%)

  • Lemonade ( 0%)

  • Margarita ( 4.76%)

  • Vodka with ? ( 23.81%)

  • Energy Drink ( 4.76%)

Lake Freeman Facts

Average depth: 16'